Monthly inspections

FDR & CP Services wants to help you stay on top of your monthly compliance. We offer monthly services that are tailored specifically for your store. In order to stay in compliance with the state, you are required to check your spill buckets every 30/ 60 days (depending on location) to ensure they are liquid tight. All liquid and debris found during the inspection needs to be removed and documented. That's where we come in! We can take care of that and more so that you never have to worry about it! All of the documentation is kept securely on our FDR Database and can be accessed 24/7.

Below is what our inspections include:


· Check in with clerk

· Run ATG CSLD/SCALD verify date and time pass/fail

· Verify that Delivery Certificate is present

· Verify that Texas Department of Agriculture Weights and Measures Certificate is present

· Open Spill Bucket and Vapor Recovery lids

· Paint as necessary

· Inspect cap for gasket and tight fit

· Assure that fill adapter is tight fit to riser, tighten if needed

· Check Dry Break for functionality

· Clean with water and brush all buckets and caps

· Remove all contents from Spill Buckets

· Create Manifest to reflect removal and delivery to certified waste company

· Inspect the Spill Bucket for cracks and if a slip on type, assure that boot is tight fit

· Inspect dispensers for 10% octane and Ultra Low Sulfur if applicable

· Replace Stickers if required 

· Read Volts and Amps on locations that have Rectifiers

Close out with clerk and have them initial work order