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 FDR & CP Services provides all services for the compliance of above ground (AST) and underground (UST) storage tanks and piping. Services include precision tank, line and line leak detector testing, Cathodic Protection testing, installation and repair, Stage I Testing and Environmental Site Assessments (Phase I & II). We also do overfill verification, meter calibrations, atg certifications and offer compliance programs that are suited to fit your specific needs.

We're here to keep you in compliance with state regulations. Call us today and let us help you with all of your compliance needs.

Services we offer

Monthly Monitoring

Tank release detection must be conducted at least once every 30 days. We are partnered with Teledata for all of your monitoring needs.

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Corrosion Protection

 Corrosion protection is a method of slowing or preventing metal components of a UST system from rusting or otherwise corroding or oxidizing. Its purpose is to ensure the structural integrity of the UST system so releases of regulated substances do not occur. 

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Monthly Site Inspections

We offer monthly and 60 day site inspections to ensure your spill buckets are liquid tight and properly cleaned. We will remove waste water and create a manifest to reflect removal and delivery to certified waste company.

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Meter Calibrations

Calibration defines the accuracy and quality of measurements recorded using a piece of equipment. Innaccurate meters can cause thousands of dollars in lost profits each year.

Monthly Compliance Packages

We offer site specific compliance packages to ensure you stay up to date with all of your testing needs. Email or call today to set up your site specific compliance package.

Annual Line & Leak Detector

Our specially trained technicians perform annual line and line leak detector testing to detect leaks and keep you in compliance with state regulations.

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