Meter Calibration



· Calibration defines the accuracy and quality of measurements recorded using a piece of equipment. Over time there is a tendency for results an accuracy to “drift”. To be confident in the results being measured there is an ongoing need to service and maintain the calibration of equipment throughout its lifetime for reliable, accurate and repeatable measurements.

· Inaccurate meters can cause thousands of dollars in lost profits each year.

· The goal of calibration is to minimize any measurement uncertainty by ensuring the accuracy of test equipment. 


Texas Department of Agriculture – Weights & Measures

You must calibrate

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How much fuel are you giving away?

Approximate annual loss from meters one cubic inch out of calibration

At $2.50 per gallon is the amount of money lost per month


Gallons Pumped Per Month      At $2.50 per gallon

25,000                           $649.56

50,000                        $1,298.76

75,000                        $1,948.20